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Together for a better world!

MTS believes that sustainability is of great importance. It is no secret that travel has considerable impact on our climate but we can do our best to mitigate the impact. We try to limit the negative consequences for our environment as much as possible and have invested considerable time and energy in decreasing our own ecological footprint as well as increasing awareness with our clients.

The ultimate goal is for our organisation to operate completely climate neutral. It is not possible to achieve this immediately but we take it step by step, and every step we take is one in the right direction!
MTS employees take care of the environment by reducing the use of paper, saving water and seperating and recycling any office waste. We offer our customers sustainable travel alternatives, such as travel by train where possible or automatic CO2 compensation.

MTS is a partner of Travelife, a leading training, management and certification initiative for travel industry  companies committed to reaching sustainability.

It is generally thought that compensating CO2 emissions is a costly exercise. In reality it is quite a small investment compared to the positive effect on our planet.

Did you know that compensating a return airfare from Amsterdam to London costs less than a cup of coffee?
MTS co-operates with GreenSeat, part of Climate Neutral Group

Let MTS take care of your automatic CO2 compensation so you save time and energy. As an added benefit you contribute to access to sustainable energy in developing countries thus reducing CO2 in the atmosphere and better living conditions for local families.

Co2 emissions are included in our corporate travel reports. This data is periodically discussed with our customers as well as compensation solutions and sustainable travel possibilities.
We believe that through sharing and discussing our vision for sustainability we contribute to understanding and awareness. A good start!

We would be pleased to start a conversation with you and be your guide in improving the sustainability of business travel within your company.