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Our company

Martitime Travel service was founded in 2002 by Tessa van Willigen. After completing her travel education in Sydney, she has worked in the industry ever since and has never looked back: “ The dynamics and diversity found in the travel business are hard to match, combined with my service minded nature it made  the choice for corporate travel a natural one for me.”
The aim of Maritime Travel service is to provide the best travel advice to customers. 
Fully independent and customer focused; these two key ingredients guarantee customer satisfaction and result in long and succesful working relationships.
Using our services costs you little or nothing. Our experience and the possibilities we  offer you to achieve substantial savings on your travel budget exceed your expectations. The added value of our services go beyond saving you money, they allow you to move across the globe with confidence and ease. We offer travel solutions to each type of customer, whether you like to book your own tickets online or you prefer to approach our service team with each travel request. Management reporting is en essential part of our service, it is important that you have a clear view of your travel expenditure. 
Care for the environment and for your employees is playing an increasingly larger role within corporate travel, Maritime Travel Service can offer you appropriate solutions.
Maritime Travel Service – We are here for you!