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MTS Marine & Offshore


As our name suggests, we are firmly rooted in the maritime travel sector. Arranging flight reservations for ship crews, technical personnel, superintendents etc. is our specialty. 
Marine and offshore travel is separate market within the travel industry. In order to service this market well special marine and offshore are used. These fares are subject to flexible conditions, a greater luggage allowance and are generally priced lower than regular fares. Maritime Travel Service belongs to a select group of agencies that is permitted to ticket these fares.  You can rely on the specialist skills and training of the Maritime Travel Service Team to provide you with the best routes and prices.

Ship in Rotterdam


A pragmatic approach and a short response time is invaluable. Our staff understand this and that connections should be economically attractive but also viable. Our experience guarantees you receive an offer with the best deals as quickly as possible. Naturally, MTS Business Travel Services are also available for marine and offshore clients.

A strategic worldwide network of partners

As the Dutch member of the international network ITP, Maritime Travel Service is in co-operation with various specialised partners. The ITP Fare System provided a real time database where fares and availability can be checked and flights can be booked instantly providing you with the best fares possible from around the globe.

24 hours

Shipping is a 24 hour industry. You need to reach us anytime, therefore it is comforting to know that we have not outsourced our 24 hour service to a foreign call centre.  When you contact us outside office hours you communicate with your trusted Maritime Travel Service Team, we know you, your company and its requirements.
No waiting in queues only to be misunderstood but the service you need: 24 hours a day.