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Different booking concepts

Maritime Travel Service offers various booking concepts. You can phone or e-mail our Travel Team and take advantage of our time saving Full Service concept or you can create your own reservations through our online system, MTSXpress.

MTS Full Service

The MTS Travel Team is ready to handle your travel requests. You can contact our team by phone: +31102944412 of send an e-mail to
Our experienced Business Travel Consultants are skilled in smart ticketing and are always looking to create savings by combining different destinations or even different trips. When possible Maritime Travel Service will offer flights with low cost airlines such as Easyjet or Transavia so that our customers can make a decision based on complete information.

Online Booking Tool – MTSXpress

Maritime Travel Service offers her clients the use of MTSXpress, the online booking solution. This allows you to create your own reservations at reduced rates.
The advantage of MTSXpress:
• Full content, including low cost airlines, car rental and hotel availability.
• Access to Maritime Travel Service Team for complicated reservations, changes or cancellations.
• Management information which includes your MTS Xpress reservations as well as reservations made with the MTS Travel Team.

MTS Mobile

Soon it will be possible to make reservations using the MTS Mobile app. This tool will give passengers access to a complete overview of their reservations plus useful information regarding weather forecasts, nearby facilities and other useful information.